GTX629808 is currently not offered.

We suggest the following alternatives :
  • GTX79425 Her2 / ErbB2 antibody [SP3] (ready-to-use)
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  • Rabbit Monoclonal

    Reactivity: Hu

    Application: IHC-P

    Specificity: This antibody recognizes a c-erbB-2 protein, which is a receptor tyrosine kinase of the c-erbB family. It is closely related in structure to the epidermal growth factor receptor. c-erbB-2 oncoprotein is detectable in a proportion of breast and other adenocarcinomas, as well as transitional cell carcinomas. In the case of breast cancer, expression determined by immunohistochemistry has been shown to be associated with poor prognosis. This antibody crossreacts with Human.

    Package: 6ml

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  • GTX11711 Her2 / ErbB2 antibody [ICR55]
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  • Rat Monoclonal

    Reactivity: Hu

    Application: FACS, IHC-Fr, IHC-P, IP, WB

    Specificity: This antibody recognizes epitope E of human HER2/neu, otherwise known as CD340 and ErbB2.

    Package: 100μg

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