GTX83052 is currently not offered.

We suggest the following alternatives :
  • GTX72905 PSA antibody
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  • Rabbit Polyclonal

    Reactivity: Hu

    Application: ELISA, IHC, IHC-Fr, IHC-P

    Specificity: This antibody reacts with prostatic ductal epithelium in both normal and neoplastic prostate tissue. No cross-reactivity with epithelium from other tissue has been observed.

    Package: 500μl

    Reference   ( 2 )    
  • GTX10185 PSA antibody [5A6]
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  • Mouse Monoclonal

    Reactivity: Hu

    Application: ELISA

    Specificity: Equimolar total PSA, epitope 6. No cross reactivity for human kallikrein 2.

    Package: 100μg