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Antibodies for Flow Cytometry

Flow cytometry is widely used to identify cell types and cellular phenotypic characteristics in a heterogeneous population based on immunodetection of surface and intracellular markers. The technology relies predominately on staining cells with fluorophore-conjugated antibodies targeting distinct cellular factors or using fluorescent chemicals that bind to specific cellular components (e.g., propidium iodide).

GeneTex offers a series of antibodies that have been carefully validated and are commonly used for flow cytometry. For more details, visit GeneTex’s website at

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Featured Antibodies

Citation-Support KOKD-Validation Comparable Abs Orthogonal Validation   


E-Cadherin antibody [GT477] (GTX629691)

KOKD-ValidationComparable AbsOrthogonal Validation

CD44 antibody [GT981]


SQSTM1 antibody [N3C1]
Internal (GTX632426)

Orthogonal Validation 

LC3B antibody