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Customized Polyclonal Antibodies


Custom Rabbit Polyclonal Antibodies

Polyclonal antibodies are a heterogeneous mix of immunoglobulins derived from various B cells that individually target distinct epitopes on an immunogen. GeneTex has produced over ten thousand polyclonal antibodies in its history, resulting in exceptional manufacturing and quality control expertise that translates into reliable antibody reagents. Let GeneTex help you develop the ideal polyclonal antibodies to accelerate your research progress.


Key Design and Production Features

  1. Professional epitope design to optimize immunogen synthesis, solubility and antigenicity properties.
  2. Efficient production of high-quality peptide or protein immunogens.
  3. Enhanced cocktail immunization techniques.
  4. Antigen-affinity chromatography purification of antibodies.


Flow Chart for Polyclonal Antibody Production

Flow Chart for Polyclonal Antibody Production


Custom Polyclonal Antibody Development Packages

  Package I Package II Package III
Antigen preparation Protein Peptide Modified 
Antigen design O O O
Protein expression and purification O    
Peptide synthesis   O O
Peptide conjugation to carrier protein   O O
Immunization O O O
Antigen-affinity antibody purification O O  
Antigen-affinity double-specific purification     O
Turn-around time 14~15


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