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Annexin V 1X binding buffer

Cat No. GTX14084
Application : FACS
Product Note : The binding buffer contains optimal concentration of calcium which is required for annexin v binding to phosphotidylserine (PS) on the cell surface.
Package : 50 ml

Caspase-3 Inhibitor, Z-D(OMe)E(OMe)VD(OMe)-FMK

Cat No. GTX47950
Package : 20 μl

Caspase-12 Inhibitor, Z-ATAD(OMe)-FMK

Cat No. GTX47943
Package : 20 μl

Caspase-4 Inhibitor, Z-LE (OMe)VD(OMe)-FMK

Cat No. GTX47949
Package : 20 μl

Caspase-9 Inhibitor, Z-LE(OMe)HD(OMe)-FMK

Cat No. GTX47945
Package : 20 μl

Caspase-8 Inhibitor, Z-IE(OMe)TD(OMe)-FMK

Cat No. GTX47946
Package : 20 μl
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