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Caspase-8 Fluorometric Assay Kit

Caspase-8 Fluorometric Assay Kit. GTX85542
Caspase-8 Fluorometric Assay Kit. GTX85542

Cat No. GTX85542

100 assay ($459)


Activation of ICE-family proteases/caspases initiates apoptosis in mammalian cells. The FLICE/Caspase-8 Fluorometric Assay Kits provide a simple and convenient means for assaying the activity of caspases that recognize the sequence IETD. The assay is based on detection of cleavage of substrate IETD-AFC (AFC: 7-amino-4-trifluoromethyl coumarin). IETD-AFC emits blue light (λmax = 400 nm); upon cleavage of the substrate by FLICE or related caspases, free AFC emits a yellow-green fluorescence (λmax = 505 nm), which can be quantified using a fluorometer or a fluorecence microtiter plate reader.

‧ Detection method- Flow cytometry (400-nm excitation filter and 505-nm emission filter) and fluorescence microscopy
‧ Sample type- Cell and tissue lysates
‧ Species reactivity- Mammalian
‧ Applications- Detect early/middle stages of apoptosis; differentiate apoptosis from necrosis.

Features and Benefits
‧ Simple one-step procedure; takes 1-2 hours
‧ Fast and convenient
‧ Comparison of the fluorescence of AFC from an apoptotic sample with an uninduced control allows determination of the fold increase in FLICE activity.

Kit Contents:
Cell Lysis Buffer
2X Reaction Buffer
DTT (1 M)



Store at -20ºC. Product has an expected shelf life of 6-12 months.


For laboratory use only. Not for any clinical, therapeutic, or diagnostic use in humans or animals. Not for animal or human consumption.



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Caspase-8 Fluorometric Assay Kit. GTX85542

GTX85542 Image

Caspase-8 Fluorometric Assay Kit. GTX85542

GTX85542 Image

Example of GeneTex Fluorometric Caspase Activity Assay Kit: Analysis of Caspase-3 Activity in Jurkat cells. Apoptosis was induced in Jurkat cells by camptothecin (2 μM) for 6 hours. Caspase activity was analyzed using Caspase-9 Colorimetric Assay Kit. Results were analyzed by spectrophotometer.



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