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ELISA Blocking Buffer

Cat No. GTX48884

Application ELISA
500 ml ($199)

Product Description

GeneTex's ELISA Blocking Buffer is a protein buffer that effectively blocks plate binding sites that remain in polystyrene microplate wells following initial coating steps in ELISA procedures. The ready-to-use buffer is optimized and ready to use for sandwich ELISA procedures.
Instructions for use in an ELISA : Following the incubation with a coating antibody, aspirate the coating antibody from the plate and add 300 μL of ELISA Blocking Buffer to each well. Cover the plate with a plate sealer and incubate for a minimum of 1 hour at room temperature (22-25ºC). Aspirate blocking buffer and proceed with the ELISA procedure or dry the plate for future use.
Plate Drying : Plates should be dried uncovered, at room temperature, for a minimum of 1 hour. For optimal drying, plates should not be stacked and humidity should be at 30-40%. If plates are stacked, or humidity is high, the drying time should be increased. Once drying is complete, seal each plate in a foil pouch with a desiccant. When sealed with a desiccant, plates may be stored at 2-8ºC for up to 6 months.

Application Note

*Optimal dilutions/concentrations should be determined by the researcher.
Application Dilution
ELISA Assay dependent
Not tested in other applications.




Keep as concentrated solution.Store at 4ºC. DO NOT FREEZE.


For laboratory use only. Not for any clinical, therapeutic, or diagnostic use in humans or animals. Not for animal or human consumption.


ELISA blocking buffer, ELISA blocking solution, ELISA plate blocker
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