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EasyBlot anti Mouse IgG (HRP)

EasyBlot anti Mouse IgG (HRP). GTX221667-01
EasyBlot anti Mouse IgG (HRP). GTX221667-01

Cat No. GTX221667-01

Application WB
Reactivity Mouse
250 μl ($199),
50 μl ($89)

Product Description

EasyBlot anti-Mouse IgG is an HRP-conjugated second step reagent that specifically reacts with the native, non-reduced form of mouse IgG and does not bind the reduced, denatured form. Using Easyblot decreases the interference caused by the heavy (~50 kDa) and light chains (~25 kDa) of the IgG used for immunoprecipitation (IP). EasyBlot is simple to use and results in Western Blot detection of only the target band in your IP experiments.

Note: 1.Suggested dilution is 1:1000. Use 2-5 μg of the IP antibody; do not exceed 5 μg. Completely reduce all IP samples.
2.Exercise caution when using Protein A/G for IP with EasyBlot. Protein A/G contaminants bind to mouse IgG with high affinity and may cause contaminating bands with a molecular weight similar to IgG heavy chain or light chian.

To minimize background from Protein A/G contamination, we strongly recommend the use of EasyBlot Kit anti-Mouse IgG (Optimized for Prot A/G) (GTXGTX225857-01) or EasyBloker (GTX425858) to minimize protein A/G contamination or you can use anti-Mouse IgG Agarose beads (GTX27018) instead of Protein A/G.

Application Note

*Optimal dilutions/concentrations should be determined by the researcher.
Application Dilution
WB 1:100-1:1000
Not tested in other applications.




0.05M Tris, 0.15M NaCl (pH7.4), 1%BSA, 40% Glycerol. 0.025% ProClin 300 was added as a preservative.


Store as concentrated solution. Centrifuge briefly prior to opening vial. For short-term storage (1-2 weeks), store at 4ºC. For long-term storage, aliquot and store at -20ºC or below. Avoid multiple freeze-thaw cycles.


0.03 mg/ml (Please refer to the vial label for the specific concentration.)

Antigen Species


Target Isotype



Purified by antigen-affinity chromatography.


Horseradish peroxidase(HRP)


For laboratory use only. Not for any clinical, therapeutic, or diagnostic use in humans or animals. Not for animal or human consumption.
EasyBlot anti Mouse IgG (HRP). GTX221667-01

GTX221667-01 WB Image

Western Blot analysis of native mouse IgG (left) or denatured mouse IgG (right) using EasyBlot anti Mouse IgG (HRP) antibody.

EasyBlot anti Mouse IgG (HRP). GTX221667-01

GTX221667-01 WB Image

EasyBlot anti-Mouse IgG (HRP) (GTX221667-01) was used as a secondary reagent for immunoprecipitation analysis. 293T lysates were immunoprecipitated using 5 ug of normal rabbit IgG or ELP3 antibody [GT11811] (GTX631395)


EasyBlot anti Mouse IgG (HRP) Cat No. GTX221667-01

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Date : Anonymous submitted on 07-Feb-2018
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Application Tested : WB
Sample : HSC3 cells
Lane Description : Immunoprecipitation of p53 protein. Input, HSC3 cells (Lane 1). HSC3 cells subjected to immunoprecipitation using p53 antibody (Lane 2) or protein G Sepharose (Lane 3). The precipitated protein was detected by RUVBL1 antibody. EasyBlot anti Mouse IgG (HRP) (GTX221667-01) was used as a secondary reagent in Western blot and can avoid the interference of IgG heavy chains and light chains.
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