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Human IL10 protein (active)

Human IL10 protein (active). GTX00086-pro
Human IL10 protein (active). GTX00086-pro
Human IL10 protein (active). GTX00086-pro

Cat No. GTX00086-pro


Functional Assay


10 μg ($279)


Application Note

Interleukin 10 (IL-10), also known as human cytokine synthesis inhibitory factor (CSIF), is an anti-inflammatory cytokine. IL-10 was initially reported to suppress cytokine secretion, antigen presentation and CD4 T cell activation. Further investigation has shown that IL-10 predominantly inhibits lipopolysaccharide (LPS) mediated induction of the pro-inflammatory cytokines TNFα, IL-1β, IL-12, and IFNγ made by cells such as macrophages and Th1 T cells. Therefore, THP-1 cells were cultured in 24 well plates at a concentration of 106 cells/ml and activated by LPS (1 μg/ml) in the absence or presence of IL-10 (5 ng/ml, 10 ng/ml) for 24h and production of IL-1β was determined in the supernatants by cytokine specific ELISA. Activation of THP-1 cells with LPS (1 μg/ml) resulted in high levels of production of IL-1β and strong inhibitory effects of IL-10 (5 ng/ml, 10 ng/ml) were observed on the production of IL-1β.

Observed MW

18 kDa.



Lyophilized powder


Lyophilized from 20 mM Tris (pH 8.0) with 150 mM NaCl, 1 mM EDTA, 1 mM DTT, 0.01% SKL, 5% Trehalose, Proclin300. Reconstitute with 20 mM Tris and 150 mM NaCl (pH 8.0) to a concentration of 0.1-1.0 mg/mL. Do not vortex.


For short-term storage (1-2 weeks), store at 4ºC. For long-term storage, store at -20ºC or below. After reconstitution, keep as concentrated solution.Avoid freeze-thaw cycles.


N-terminal His-Tag; Ser19~Asn178 (NP_000563.1)

Expression System

293F cell


> 97%


< 1 EU/μg




For laboratory use only. Not for any clinical, therapeutic, or diagnostic use in humans or animals. Not for animal or human consumption.



interleukin 10 , CSIF , GVHDS , IL-10 , IL10A , TGIF


The protein encoded by this gene is a cytokine produced primarily by monocytes and to a lesser extent by lymphocytes. This cytokine has pleiotropic effects in immunoregulation and inflammation. It down-regulates the expression of Th1 cytokines, MHC class II Ags, and costimulatory molecules on macrophages. It also enhances B cell survival, proliferation, and antibody production. This cytokine can block NF-kappa B activity, and is involved in the regulation of the JAK-STAT signaling pathway. Knockout studies in mice suggested the function of this cytokine as an essential immunoregulator in the intestinal tract. Mutations in this gene are associated with an increased susceptibility to HIV-1 infection and rheumatoid arthritis.[provided by RefSeq, May 2011]


Research Area


Human IL10 protein (active). GTX00086-pro

GTX00086-pro Functional Assay Image

ELISA detection of secreted IL-1β protein expression from 1 μg/ml LPS mediated THP-1 cells reduced by GTX00086-pro Human IL10 protein (active).
Recombinant protein concentrations: 5, and 10 ng/ml.

Human IL10 protein (active). GTX00086-pro

GTX00086-pro Image

SDS-PAGE analysis of GTX00086-pro Human IL10 protein (active).

Human IL10 protein (active). GTX00086-pro

GTX00086-pro Image

WB analysis of GTX00086-pro Human IL10 protein (active).


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