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Red aqueous counter stain (Ready-to-use)

Cat. No. GTX04084


50 ml ($199)


GTX04084 is uniquely formulated for staining of protein when NBT/BCIP is used in Immunohistochemistry or in Situ hybridization. NBT/BCIP gives purple blue color; the chromogen is soluble in organic solvents and cannot be mounted with organic mounting medium.


Application Note

1. After chromogen staining, wash slide 2-3X with distilled or deiononized water.
2. Apply GTX04084 for 3-5 minutes at RT.
3. Rinse slide to be mounted with Distilled or DEIONIZED water, touch the edges of slide on a paper towel to remove excess water and place the slides on a flat surface.
4. Apply mount mounting medium directly on top of the specimen and spread out evenly by tilting the slide back and forth or spread evenly with a 0.2 ml plastic pipette tip making sure the tissue is not touched. Wait for 5 minutes. Excess mounting medium can be removed by touching the edges of slide against a paper towel.
5. Let stand at room temperature for about 1 to 2 hours, or the slides can be heated at 37- 40ºC for 40-60 minutes. The slides are ready for visualization under a microscope, when 10X or 20X lenses are used.

At this step for any reason if coverslip has to be removed, follow these instructions:
Soak the slide in warm (37ºC )distilled or deionized water for 5-10 minutes until the mounting medium is dissolved. Rinse slide with warm water several times to remove all mounting medium; the slide can be remounted again if required.
For Oil Immersion lens, the slide can be visualized as follows:
A drop of oil can be placed directly on dried Mounting medium for visualization. the oil can be removed by wiping with Kimwipes or lens paper.
Or apply 1-2 drops of any organic mounting medium on top of dried mounting medium, which has protected the specimen, cover slide with coverslip. The slide is ready for visualization.





Store at room temperature.


For laboratory research use only. Not for any clinical, therapeutic, or diagnostic use in humans or animals. Not for animal or human consumption.

Purchasers shall not, and agree not to enable third parties to, analyze, copy, reverse engineer or otherwise attempt to determine the structure or sequence of the product.


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