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TissueBond slide adhesive

Cat. No. GTX29909


7 ml ($179)


TissueBond slide adhesive


Application Note

Prepare of working solution:
i) Working solution should be prepared just prior to use.
ii) Add the entire content of TissueBond in a Acetone compatible container.
iii) Add dry acetone to make a volume of 350 ml and stir well. This solution is enough for coating 500 slides.
*Once the bottle has been opened, use it immediately. Prolonged storage is not recommended. Discard unused working solution.

Application Note:
1) Place slides in a metallic slide holder. Clean slides by immersing them in acetone for 1 minute.
2) Immerse slides in TissueBond working solution for 30 sec.
3) Remove and drain the slides. Rinse the slides thoroughly with deionized water three times. Change the water after every rinse. Avoid creating water bubbles by gentle agitation of slide holder before drying.
4) Air dry slides at room temperature. Once dried, slides can be used immediately or can be stored in a box at room temperature for future use.





Keep as concentrated solution, aliquot and store at 4ºC.


For laboratory research use only. Not for any clinical, therapeutic, or diagnostic use in humans or animals. Not for animal or human consumption.

Purchasers shall not, and agree not to enable third parties to, analyze, copy, reverse engineer or otherwise attempt to determine the structure or sequence of the product.



Background: TissueBond slide adhesive is used to prepare glass slides with superior tissue adhesion of paraffin and frozen tissue sections.Proper tissue adhesion to the glass slides is a very critical step in immunostaining process. As harsh treatment such as proteolytic enzymes, microwave treatment and treatment with soponin etc. may be required in the staining process, improper adhesion of tissue sections can lead to poor quality staining or even loss of tissue sections. Due to white glue, albumen, chrome-gelatin and poly-L-lysine increase background staining, there is need of tissue adhesive which can irreversibly bind tissue sections to the glass with out creating any background. Glass treated with TissueBond slide adhsive can be used for both paraffin as well as frozen tissue sections. This product used to be called "TissueBond Reagent".
This material is corrosive and can cause skin irritation upon contact. Work in a chemical fume hood with appropriate ventilation and personal protective equipment.


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