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GeneTex Scholarship Program
GeneTex believes in accelerating scientific advancement and the notion that the genesis of future discoveries begins with the support of young scientists now. The GeneTex Scholarship Program will award a $2000 (USD) scholarship to students pursuing a STEM undergraduate or graduate degree. The scholarship will be awarded to one student twice a year.
Upcoming Application Deadlines
1/29/24 –For Fall, 2024
Applications will be accepted starting 1-29-2024 through 7-12-2024 for the Fall 2024 Scholarship
Fall 2024 Scholarship!
10/2/23 –For Spring, 2024
Applications will be accepted starting 10-2-2023 through 12-1-2023 for the Spring 2024 Scholarship
Congratulations to Raymond Dionicio Villareal from University of California, Irvine, Class of 2026, Spring 2024 Scholarship recipient.
1/3/23 –For Fall, 2023
Applications will be accepted starting 1-3-2023 through 7-14-2023 for the Fall 2023 Scholarship
Congratulations to Rosalie Nielsen from University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Fall 2023 Scholarship recipient.
7/21/22 –For Spring, 2023
Applications will be accepted starting 10-3-2022 through 12-2-2022 for the Spring 2023 Scholarship
Congratulations to Lyuba Salih from Saint Louis University, Spring 2023 scholarship recipient.
1/14/22 –For Fall, 2022
Applications will be accepted starting 1-31-2022 through 7-15-2022 for the Fall 2022 Scholarship
Congratulations to Keyonna D. from The University of Texas at San Antonio, Fall 2022 scholarship recipient.
12/17/21 –For Spring, 2022
Applications will be accepted starting 10-1-2021 through 12-17-2021 for the Spring 2022 Scholarship
Congratulations to Madeleine G. from University of North Carolina Wilmington, Spring 2022 scholarship recipient.
7/16/21 –For Fall, 2021
Applications will be accepted starting 1-18-2021 through 7-16-2021 for the Fall 2021 Scholarship
Congratulations to James F. from Mississippi State University, Fall 2021 scholarship recipient.
12/15/20 –For Spring, 2021
Applications will be accepted starting 8-30-2020 through 12-15-2020 for the Spring 2021 Scholarship
Congratulations to Marie O. from Graceland University Spring, 2021 scholarship recipient.
7/31/20 – For Fall, 2020
Congratulations to Cora S. from Texas A&M University Fall, 2020 scholarship recipient.
12/20/19 – For Spring, 2020
Congratulations to Alyssa G. from University of Minnesota, Duluth, Spring, 2020 scholarship recipient.
7/31/19 – For Fall, 2019
Congratulations to Joseph V. from Boston College, Fall 2019 scholarship recipient.
12/21/18 – For Spring, 2019
Congratulations to Lauren G. from Rochester Institute of Technology, Spring 2019 scholarship recipient.
8/31/18 – For Fall, 2018
Congratulations to Ana S. from Purdue university, Fall 2018 scholarship recipient.
    Student in good standing and enrolled at an accredited college or university
    Declared STEM major
    Open to international students
What majors or programs qualify? The National Science Foundation defines STEM majors as life sciences, physical sciences, social sciences, computer sciences and mathematics.
Are students enrolled in universities located outside of the United States eligible? Yes, all accredited universities are eligible.
How will I receive the scholarship funds? Scholarship funds will be paid directly to the university at which the recipient is enrolled.  The university will then distribute the funds to the recipient.
Can an applicant apply more than once if they received the scholarship previously? An applicant that has previously received the GeneTex Scholarship is eligible to apply again.
I haven’t declared my major.  Can I apply for this scholarship? The GeneTex Scholarship Program is intended for students that have declared a STEM major or are enrolled in a STEM graduate program.
For what purposes can the scholarship funds be used? We do not place any restrictions on the use of the scholarship funds.
How are the applications judged? What criteria are important? Each eligible application will be reviewed by a committee of three to five GeneTex employees. The selection of the scholarship recipient will be based on the committee's determination of the application that best aligns with GeneTex's values and mission statement.
What supporting documents are needed? We require your most recent transcript (an unofficial transcript is acceptable) to show that you are in good academic standing. If you are an incoming university student or transfer student, please provide a letter of acceptance or some equivalent form of documentation to show that you will be attending that university.
My essay does not fit on the form, can I send it within my email or on a separate document? Yes, both are acceptable.
When will the scholarship winner be announced? The winner will be chosen and contacted 1-2 weeks after the deadline has passed and announced on our website shortly after.
Submitting Your Application
Please download, complete, and return the application form and supporting documents (i.e., transcripts, letter of acceptance for incoming or transfer students, etc.) to Please review your application form prior to submitting it to ensure that it is complete. Include your application and all required documents in one email.
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