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EasyBlot Sampler Kit

Cat No. GTX300111


Product Content

GTX221666-01 EasyBlot anti Rabbit IgG (HRP)
Application : WB
Reactivity : Rabbit
Package : 10 μl
GTX221667-01 EasyBlot anti Mouse IgG (HRP)
Application : WB
Reactivity : Mouse
Package : 10 μl
GTX425858 EasyBlocker
Application : WB
Package : 2 g

Product Description

EasyBlot anti-Rabbit/Mouse IgG is an HRP-conjugated second step reagent that specifically reacts with the native, non-reduced form of rabbit/Mouse IgG and does not bind the reduced, denatured form. Using Easyblot decreases the interference caused by the heavy (~50 kDa) and light chains (~25 kDa) of the IgG used for immunoprecipitation (IP). EasyBlot is simple to use and results in Western Blot detection of only the target band in your IP experiments.

Note: 1.Suggested dilution is 1:1000. Use 2-5 μg of the IP antibody; do not exceed 5 μg. Completely reduce all IP samples.
2.Exercise caution when using Protein A/G for IP with EasyBlot. Protein A/G contaminants bind to rabbit IgG with high affinity and may cause contaminating bands with a molecular weight similar to IgG heavy chain or light chian.

To minimize background from Protein A/G contamination, we strongly recommend the use of EasyBlot Kit anti-Rabbit IgG (Optimized for Prot A/G) (GTXGTX225856-01) or EasyBloker (GTX425858) to minimize protein A/G contamination or you can use anti-Rabbit IgG Agarose beads (GTX27019) instead of Protein A/G.




Please refer to each individual component datasheet for storage instructions.


For laboratory use only. Not for any clinical, therapeutic, or diagnostic use in humans or animals. Not for animal or human consumption.
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