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Autophagy Pathway

Autophagy is the process of self-cannibalization of cellular proteins or organelles through lysosomal degradation. This process plays a critical role in cellular homeostasis by scavenging macromolecules in response to nutrient deprivation and by facilitating the removal of misfolded protein aggregates. Autophagy and apoptosis also interact through a complex network of cross-talk to regulate cell death. Autophagy has been implicated in many different diseases, including neurodegeneration, cardiac myopathy, autoimmune disease and cancer. The role of autophagy in cancer is complex and paradoxical. While autophagic deficiency has been shown to promote tumorigenesis in animal models, autophagy may actually support tumor growth by enhancing cancer cell survival in the face of nutrient depletion or accumulation of toxic molecules. GeneTex is proud to introduce our antibodies for autophagy research.