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Message from the Chairwoman

Eva Y.-H.P. Lee Ph.D.

Dear Colleagues,

As a career academic scientist and GeneTex’s Chairwoman, I see the response to the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) pandemic as being illustrative of both the inestimable value of sound scientific research to world health and the importance of effective tools to enable that research. In contrast to the magnitude of morbidity and mortality caused by longstanding pathologies like cancer, cardio- and neurovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, various infectious diseases, and respiratory disease, the pandemic’s footprint has been comparatively limited. Nevertheless, the common factor among them is that progress has occurred only because the world’s scientists and clinicians have persevered to elucidate the biological secrets of these conditions.

At GeneTex, we embrace the privilege of contributing to this relentless campaign against human disease. We understand that meaningful advances in biomedical research depend on reliable antibodies and other reagents, and we work constantly to improve our product design, manufacturing, and validation. GeneTex is presently shifting the majority of its productive capacity to the development of recombinant antibodies, in part due to the well-documented challenges associated with polyclonal and even hybridoma-generated monoclonal antibodies. In addition, the Company has expanded its antibody validation efforts to include a “Five-Pillar Validation” strategy that will markedly enhance our present quality assurance protocols. A major focus of this strategy is a greater reliance on definitive knockout/knockdown testing of antibodies. We are also actively seeking opportunities to incorporate our best-characterized recombinant antibodies into clinical diagnostic and point-of-care platforms to more directly assist medical decision-making.

In order for these goals to be realized, significant financial, infrastructure, and personnel commitments by the GeneTex management were necessary over the last several years. These investments are now paying functional dividends with the recombinant antibody production apparatus and the enhanced validation protocols fully established. This will allow GeneTex to rapidly create the necessary reagents to fight not only centuries-old diseases, but also those in the future.

We appreciate your support and patronage, and we always welcome your input.

Thank you for your research!