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Custom Antibodies

Your Idea, Our Laboratory

Let GeneTex become your personal custom antibody production facility. We have produced over 35,000 polyclonal antibodies. Use our experience and expertise to help advance your research.


Featured characteristics

1.   Proprietary bioinformatics database identifies the ideal target epitope and optimizes synthesis, solubility and antigenicity
2.   Efficient production of high quality antigens using prokaryotic expression or peptide conjugation
3.   Enhanced cocktail immunization technique produces high-titer antiserum
4.   Highly specific antigen affinity purification


Flow Chart


Target Protein Analysis:

  Free antigen analysis and antigen sequence design


Antigen Preparation:

  Recombinant protein: >90% purity
  Peptide: >75% purity; peptide conjugated to carrier protein
  Modified peptide: >75% purity; peptide conjugated to carrier protein



  Three rounds of immunization
  Serum titer guarantee for recombinant protein antigen: Antiserum able to recognize 0.1ug of protein antigen in western blot at 1:30,000 dilution
  Serum titer guarantee for peptide antigen: Antiserum able to recognize 0.1ug of peptide antigen in dot blot at 1:4,000 dilution
40ml antiserum for protein and peptide antigens
80ml antiserum for modified peptide antigen


Antibody Purification:

  Antigen-affinity antibody purification: for protein and peptide antigens
  Antigen-affinity double-specific antibody purification: for modified peptide antigen


Service Packages


  Package I Package II Package III
Antigen Type Protein Peptide Modified Peptide
Antigen Design V V V
Protein Expression and Purification(Expression Plasmid Provided by Customer) V    
Peptide Synthesis   V V
Peptide-Carrier Protein Conjugation   V V
Immunization V V V
Antigen-Affinity Antibody Purification V V  
Antigen-Affinity Double-Specific Antibody Purification     V
Project Timeline 14-15 Weeks 14-15 Weeks 15-16 Weeks
* Procedure is based on the standard model. Customization is available upon client's request.