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Using mass spectrometry (MS) to identify the protein(s) bound by an antibody is a powerful method for the validation of antibody specificity and performance. This can be achieved by using immunoprecipitation followed by MS (IP/MS) or direct protein sequencing by shotgun liquid chromatography with tandem MS (LC/MS/MS). This strategy can be conducted in combination with other validation methodologies. For example, for a given antibody, one can correlate IP/MS data with the relative western blot signals generated from various samples. IP/MS can also be used to demonstrate the interaction of the target protein with other proteins. In addition, IP/MS information obtained from two different antibodies against the same protein can be compared.

GeneTex is exploring a series of experimental approaches to offer better antibody validation data, often in collaboration with innovative academic scientists. A recent publication in Nature Methods by Sikorski et al. from Dr. Fridtjof Lund-Johansen’s lab reported an effective analysis protocol based on an IP/MS technique that allowed thousands of antibodies to be tested and validated.

GeneTex antibodies that have been validated using this IP/MS-based approach will be labeled with the icon "" in relevant product pages and marketing materials.